INFS 315

HTML Basics

Page Basics Headings and Paragraphs Non-Semantic Text-Level Elements Used to Control Line Breaks Grouping Semantic Elements: Blockquote, Address, Details & Summary, Figure & Figcaption Text-Level Semantic Elements (AKA Phrase Elements, Logical Style Elements, or Inline Elements) HTML Lists Special Characters / Entity Characters Paragraph, Span, and Division: Non-Semantic Elements Sectioning Semantic Elements / Structural Elements HTML Anchor (Hyperlinks)


CSS Fundamentals Setting Font and Background Color Color Codes Configuring Text with CSS

Borders, Graphics, Shadows, and Gradients

Horizontal Rule Element and the Border Property Images, Figure, and FigCaption Image Formats Background Images Rounded Corners Text and Box Shadows Gradients and Background Gradients Border

Page Layout

Web Site Organization The Box Model Page Layout Design Color Theory Sizing Attributes Document Flow Float Property Position Property and Z-index Property Columns




HTML and CSS Units of Measurement CSS for Printing